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For Community and Non Community Public Well Systems the Safe Drinking Water Act outlines the requirements of public well systems to ensure safe drinking water is provided to those it serves.  AquaTest Laboratories specializes in monitoring and compliance of public systems to conform with US, State, and local regulations.  We have state certified drinking water operators with over 60 years of industry experience.  We provide the following services for Community and business systems:

●  AquaTest is a state certified microbiology and inorganic chemistry laboratory.

●  We provide laboratory services 7 days a week.

●  Results are available in a little as 24 hours.

●  We have state certified operators able to collect water samples in southeastern Michigan.

●  AquaTest monitors all Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and county testing requirements to ensure you are in compliance.

●  We maintain records for you to meet requirements of The Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act.

●  AquaTest acts as your intermediary with state and county personnel.

●  We attend all sight surveys with state and county personnel.

●  Our water operators collect and report monthly meter reading for annual pumpage reports.

●  Required monthly operations reports are submitted to the county on your behalf.

●  We complete the required annual cross connections reports for you.

●  Annual consumer confidence reports are provided for your end user.

●  Specialty lead and copper reports are compiled for compliance posting.

●  We assist you in completing your emergency response plan for water related emergencies.

●  AquaTest submits all test results directly to the county health department for you.  

●  We have automated billing available.

●  Reports and invoices are provided electronically.

●  We have experts on staff to address any other issues you may encounter with your water systems.

●  AquaTest integrates your sampling and testing in one stop service.

Please call for a quote and learn how we can save you time and money managing your water sampling needs.

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