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Includes testing for Total Coliform Bacteria, E.Coli Bacteria, Nitrates and Nitrities.  The EPA recomends this testing annually for private wells.

Basic Test Package

  • The Environmental Protection Agency recommends you test your water annually. Even if you are not experiencing any current problems routine testing establishes a history to help resolve issues you may have in the future. Our basic package includes the four tests that are considered to be the minimum you want to know about your water.  This test is most often required by loan companies for home purchase.

    • Total Coliform Bacteria: presence indicates other potentially harmful bacteria may be present.

    • E-Coli: presence indicates water may be contaminated with human/animal waste.

    • Nitrates: infants less than 6 months could become seriously ill, if untreated may die. Sources are runoff from fertilizer use; leaking from septic tanks, sewage; erosion of natural deposits.

    • Nitrites: infants less than 6 months. could become seriously ill and if untreated may die. Sources are runoff from fertilizer use, leaking from septic tanks, sewage and erosion of natural deposits.

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